Summer Haircut Trends of 2022

Summer is that time of year where scrolling through the latest fashions on hair, makeup, fashion & skincare is only natural. Whether your sitting by the pool on your holidays or in the garden enjoying the ”beautiful” Irish summer we got you covered with a few trends that may inspire you to lose a few strategic inches for some new shape & movement.

First up Wolf Cuts and Shullets

Now, this cut is not for the faint hearted but when done well this cut can be show stoppingly beautiful!! The lines between the mullet, shag and ”wolf cut” are continuing to blur in new and exciting ways. This look can be tailored to suit a persons hair texture & their style in general.

Second on the list Heartthrob Bobs

This beautiful 90s inspired heartthrob bob is a choppy, layered bob with cheekbone sweeping pieces at the front and is so chic for those looking to have your hair off your neck and a softer look. Again this look can be adapted for different hair textures and to suit you in a personalized way.

Gamine Pixies

Zoe Kravitz is a well known style icon but now a hair icon with this stunning gamine pixie. The French call it the ‘garconne’ tis is a bold, strong and sexy hair style.

Collarbone Grazing Lobs

This is a more relaxed look, the longer silhouette can make loosing those few inches turn your grown out hair into a sleek new look. Adding layers and texture this is a beautiful style for natural wavy or curly hair.

Bottleneck Bangs

The Bottleneck bang is a hybrid between a full and grown out fringe. This look offers the best of both worlds as it gets longer on the sides and essentially morphs into a grown out fringe. Bangs cut in the summer grow out perfectly for autumn and grow out into a shaggier split fringe.

Celebrity pictures (not our work)